Here’s what I think of Ice Age 5… Not much.

To talk about this cartoon is the same thing as describing the grayness of monolife. It’s a strange thing, because the entertainment product turns into hard work for its consumer. At least for adults. For children between 6 and 12 years of age, it’s akin to going to a fast-service restaurant and eating a burger with the same ingredients. It’s delicious, it’s bad.

The Blue Sky Animation studio is now in its fifth Ice Age. Tactical considerations can be summarized as follows: If you don’t seem too annoying, you have to shoot every next part at intervals of three or four years, so that the impressions from the previous have, and then go back to the head, and it’s going to look like the first time. Or it’s much simpler-a simple manipulation of visual consciousness. The franchise is so deeply hit in the hearts of people that it imposes a certain duty and sense of duty on it. It almost not to see the twenty-fifth Ice age. And a cartoon fee that exceeds the mark of 800 million dollars shows that this burger eats in unlimited numbers.

From the foreplay, we’ll go specifically to the movie. His storyline framework and script moves are exactly identical to the past. Over our inseparable, a mammoth, toothed tiger, and idler, and all others are under another threat. Global warming and the drift of the continents we have already observed-the root cause of the new cataclysm is now being transposed into outer space. The meteor is approaching the earth. But it doesn’t really bother our heroes, but they’re a habit of trying to escape. They are most concerned about their personal lives. Mammoth Manny and his wife are still worried about their daughter Peach, who’s preparing to tie her fate to a mammoth named Julian. Parents are aware of the need for change-an adult kids must soon leave. In addition, the relationship between the future son-in-law and the test is not easy. Tiger Diego and his companion Shira Steady. But it shouldn’t be that way. The only problem that must be overcome, therefore, is to be in the eyes of others and to dispel the fear of the little herbivoress in the face of their predatory nature. And the lazy Sid starts looking for his girlfriend. And again, weird possums Crash and Eddie, and the crazy Grandma Sid accompany our friends in their adventures.