Why You Should Care about the Rainforests Even If You Don’t Live Near One

Why You Should Care about the Rainforests Even If You Don’t Live Near One

All the continents except Antarctica have rainforests. They cover around 6% of the total earth’s surface. Most people don’t really understand the true value of these rainforests especially anyone who doesn’t live near one.  I have taken a special interest in understanding just how vital it is for the whole world to have rainforests around.

Interesting fact: did you know that rainforests are commonly referred to as the lungs of the earth! Trees and plants use the carbon dioxide we breathe out to grow and produce oxygen as a by-product. This is the same air that humans breathe in for survival. It is estimated that nearly 20% of the earth’s oxygen comes from the Amazon rainforest.

What if the world only had humans alone? I don’t think it would be interesting. Thanks to rainforests, about 50% of animals have found a home. Thousands of birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and amphibian species live in these rainforests. As a result, we are able to sit down and enjoy animal documentaries recorded from their natural habitats. Also, some of these rainforests are home to some of the indigenous tribes like the shaman people. As long as the rainforest isn’t interfered with, they get to live their lives peacefully and retain their culture.

Deforestation efforts have led to hundreds of animals becoming nearly or totally extinct. Also, as more trees get cut down, a natural cure for numerous diseases goes down the drain. The rainforest serves as a source of medicine. It is estimated that about 25% of medicine from western countries is acquired from plants and herbs found in the rainforest. Destroying the origin of medicine prevents people from being treated and also prevents further discovery and research of potential cures for diseases and conditions.

In recent years, the climate has changed, and the changes would be drastic if it were not for rainforests. Scientists have discovered that carbon dioxide aids in climate changes and when rainforest absorb the CO2, we enjoy stable and friendly weather conditions.  Also, they aid in the regulation of water cycles around the world. Trees are essential in the production of rain which is used by every single individual in the world. Without rain, we would experience drought and famine.

As clearly indicated, the rainforests are beneficial to both me and you and billions of other human beings. If it is destroyed, who will it affect? Is it not us, our children, and future generations to come? It is prudent to care for the rainforests however far you live from one. Let us all find a way to help in its preservation.

How to Use a Spindle Sander for the Best Results

Ay, wish I had gotten to writing this post earlier, and I know some of you have been waiting for it. In my woodworking classes, I have learnt to love and respect this power tool. I’m going to share some of this here with you. Let’s go.
jet jbos 5 oscillating spindle sander

People who have seen a spindle sander for the first time will most likely think that it is very hard to use. Well, there might be some truth to that, but everything always comes down to practice. If you have acquired enough experience on doing something, chances are you will become really good at it. The same applies to using a spindle sander. You just need to get used to it. So, to anyone who want to start learning how to use a spindle sander, here are a couple of basic steps which will serve as your guide.

Get the right oscillating spindle sander for the job

There are many spindle sander manufacturers out there, including Jet, Ridgid, Wen, Grizzly and Craftsman, some of the best ones are covered in this article. They come in benchtop forms and stationary floor sander forms. Also, note that due to the oscillating motion of the spindle (it goes up and down), they are also known as oscillating spindle sanders.

Collect all the necessary equipment and materials

Of course, the first thing to do on any activity or task is to gather all the needed materials on one place. You don’t want to end up going to a hardware store while you are in the middle of creating your woodwork. You will lose focus if you’ll cut in the middle. However, it is also good to take some rest if needed.

Plan your work

After gathering all the necessary materials, it is now time to make your own plan. What is the design that you are going to create? This step is very important since once you have already run the spindle sander on the wood, it is impossible to take it back to its original form. Start measuring everything and put some marks if needed. Just make sure that everything is done according to the plan that you’ve made.

Get the appropriate drum diameter

rotating spindles

Now, that you have the measurement and the marks for the design that you are going to make, you can now pick the right drum diameter for it. The drums have a sandpaper on them which will get the job done. Depending on the curve that you are going to create, the right drum diameter should be chosen. If you are not sure on what drum diameter that you should use, you can start with drums that has smaller diameter, then you can increase the diameter if necessary.

Start sanding you pieces

So, you already have a plan on what to do, and you have the right drum diameter at your disposal, there is nothing much left to do, but to start creating your craft. Put your plan into action. Remember that there will no erasures, once you have changed the shape of the wood, that will be it. Do the sanding motion in a continuous pattern and avoid stopping on one area.

Here’s a great intro into using these devices:

Here’s what I think of Ice Age 5… Not much.

To talk about this cartoon is the same thing as describing the grayness of monolife. It’s a strange thing, because the entertainment product turns into hard work for its consumer. At least for adults. For children between 6 and 12 years of age, it’s akin to going to a fast-service restaurant and eating a burger with the same ingredients. It’s delicious, it’s bad.

The Blue Sky Animation studio is now in its fifth Ice Age. Tactical considerations can be summarized as follows: If you don’t seem too annoying, you have to shoot every next part at intervals of three or four years, so that the impressions from the previous have, and then go back to the head, and it’s going to look like the first time. Or it’s much simpler-a simple manipulation of visual consciousness. The franchise is so deeply hit in the hearts of people that it imposes a certain duty and sense of duty on it. It almost not to see the twenty-fifth Ice age. And a cartoon fee that exceeds the mark of 800 million dollars shows that this burger eats in unlimited numbers.

From the foreplay, we’ll go specifically to the movie. His storyline framework and script moves are exactly identical to the past. Over our inseparable, a mammoth, toothed tiger, and idler, and all others are under another threat. Global warming and the drift of the continents we have already observed-the root cause of the new cataclysm is now being transposed into outer space. The meteor is approaching the earth. But it doesn’t really bother our heroes, but they’re a habit of trying to escape. They are most concerned about their personal lives. Mammoth Manny and his wife are still worried about their daughter Peach, who’s preparing to tie her fate to a mammoth named Julian. Parents are aware of the need for change-an adult kids must soon leave. In addition, the relationship between the future son-in-law and the test is not easy. Tiger Diego and his companion Shira Steady. But it shouldn’t be that way. The only problem that must be overcome, therefore, is to be in the eyes of others and to dispel the fear of the little herbivoress in the face of their predatory nature. And the lazy Sid starts looking for his girlfriend. And again, weird possums Crash and Eddie, and the crazy Grandma Sid accompany our friends in their adventures.